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Are you a student or graduate who needs a job? Are you an employer who doesn't need or can't afford an extra worker, but would like to recruit a flexible worker? Someone with their own set of skills who is available on a flexible basis? Or are you seeking an intern?

Students, meet employers! Employers, meet students!

Welcome! connects businesses and individuals with skilled, ambitious and enthusiastic students and recent graduates for part-time and full-time jobs, short-term jobs, and one-off jobs and freelance projects. Whether you're a business in need of some extra help, or a student or graduate seeking to put your skills to use - or just earn some extra cash – offers an easy-to-use platform for both parties.

If you are an employer or individual looking for a student or recent graduate – sign up and start posting jobs through our user-friendly interface. We'll need to approve all jobs first, but your job or project posting will soon be live in front of eager students and graduates across Ireland through various marketing channels, including social media.

If you're a student on the job hunt – simply click Find a Job to start your job or project search! You can apply for jobs directly through the site, or email an employer using the address specified.

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