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What Is FlexiStudents? connects businesses and individuals with skilled, ambitious and enthusiastic students and recent graduates for part-time, short-term and one-off jobs and projects. Anything from designing a logo for a website to an online marketing internship!

What Are The Benefits of FlexiStudents?
Through, businesses and individuals can quickly and easily post a job or a project they need help with, and students can apply for these roles directly through the site. It doesn't matter whether you're an SME or a start-up, a larger company, or simply an individual looking to get something done at a lower cost or on a flexible or occasional basis. You may be on the lookout for a student to take on a photography job, an internship, or you might need a student to give grinds in a particular subject. Whatever it might be, enables you to get access to skills and services in an easy, cost-effective way.

What's more – you will be helping students and new graduates gain invaluable experience to benefit their CVs, portfolios and future job prospects in these tough times. FlexiStudents is specifically targeted and marketed towards students and recent graduates. This means that when you post a job or project, you get automatic exposure to a captive audience of skilled and talented students and graduates who are eager to prove themselves.

How Does FlexiStudents Work?
It's really simple! Register as an employer or individual, post jobs and projects, and students and graduates can respond and apply to your roles directly through the site.

Aren't Recruitment Sites Expensive To Use? is currently completely free to use.

What Kind of Jobs and Projects Can I Post?
Businesses and individuals across Ireland can use to post:
- part-time jobs and short-term jobs (e.g. blogging, marketing, assisting at events or shows)
- one off jobs and freelance jobs (help with updating documents, websites, etc)
- placements and internships (web design, development, fashion, sales, business development...)
- full-time jobs and more permanent jobs

There are no real restrictions! You may have a full time role to post, or you may just need someone to help you make a video or update your new website or blog. FlexiStudents gives you the opportunity to advertise your job or project directly to students and graduates who are eager to help - and flexible!

Try FlexiStudents today for an upcomingstudent job or project, and please share your feedback.

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